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NetDMZ Network Management Software is brought out by Wangya Computer Co., Ltd. ,which is world-class leading enterprise network management products in terms of technology, performance and features, particularly its high-intensity WYWinStu090 encrypted communications protocol based on TCP / IP protocol with web IPR and the windows kernel programming technology win it incomparable advantages compared with similar products. Using software to make customers value is our belief. NetDMZ sweeps Europe and the United States and Asia, Southeast Asia by its fool-style process, no need for maintenance, advanced function and competitive cost, almost becoming the same choice of global medium and small business customers.


(1) Network monitoring software, knowing what employees are doing:
managers can monitor all staff computers within the network by sitting in his office.?He may know the websites employees have visited at what time, what sort of program is running, whom the employee is chatting with, the chatting content of ICQ or MSN, windows employee opened, their screen images, when they plug in the USB, when they copy files, when and what files deleted, when share the file etc.?Use the form of pie chart to show how long employees have spent on what software every day and what the percent staff spent each day on what software. Know network traffic of each machine each minute (know whether download or BT at a glance). Know what software staff has installed; know the staff machine hardware configuration and system resources.?Chat monitoring records all ICQ chatting on all computers in the LAN, records MSN chats, ICQ and MSN in the management machine, records Yahoo Messenger, Skype chats; Staff machine file backup recorded, mandatory intelligent automatic backup?adding or modifying of work document per day (e.g. Word document, program code, etc.) to the company server; mail monitoring records all emails through Outlook Express or Foxmail to the server. You can immediately see the contents of the message,?including the Annex (NetDMZ is the only software to support SSL encryption mail monitoring and backup); system information monitor, the manager can always check employee¡¯s computer hardware information and hard disk memory usage on the server.?When there are major hardware changes on employees’ computer (loss / change / increase), NetDMZ software would record the change and alarm promptly.


(2) The restriction function of software, controlling what staff can’t do:
the manager can control what employees cannot do by just sitting in front of his own machine.?Office staff cannot get access to the ICQ. The software prohibits stock site and the Finance Department staff can only visit work-related websites (cannot access other sites).?He can disable ICQ, prohibit the function of download, prohibit the running of BT, disable USB interface, USB, CD-ROM etc.?It can also prohibit pornographic websites and prevent game software from running by using domestic intelligence. He may set himself what software cannot run and what windows cannot be opened.?The software can prohibit or control Internet access or ban the Internet in some time.?It can prohibit the changing of the IP address unauthorized, prohibit arbitrary installation of the software and prohibit changing panel settings.?It prohibits changing IP address and supports binding of MAC address and IP address; prohibits pulling cable privately.?Streamline restrictions may require the maximum flow of each computer of each department. Overload of network traffic may lead to broken or forced shutdown of the internet automatically.


(3) Support a limited set of functional tasks (super white list):
The manager can set employee¡¯s computer and enable it only run the work-related software, run the specified programs, such as Word and Excel while other software cannot be opened.?(Not based on recognition of the file name but based the only file signatures so the attempt to muddle through by renaming the executable file does not work.)


(4)Software reporting function, reviewing your results:
The manager may know what your employees have done in the whole day. Attempt to open the game illegally??Recorded.?Attempt to access sites illegally?? Recorded.? Attempt to open the ICQ illegally??Recorded. Copy what files??Recorded.?Is he or she using the Word to edit documents??Also recorded!? All including the ICQ chat and MSN can be recorded by NetDMZ network monitoring software.?This is an important reference for Managers to assess how staff works.?All records can be made into HTML or print out of Word Report or for long-term preservation.


Enterprise network management software, employee internet monitoring software and local area network management software may become increasingly important nowadays.?The working platform cannot be reduced to network games, inefficiency, entertainment and leaking tools.?NetDMZ monitoring software allows manager to manage all staff computers, limit what staff cannot do, know what employees are doing, and monitor the LAN staff machine screens with internet records, software running records, mail records and chats records.?It can ban the games and download of BT; prohibit unauthorized installation of software and only allows running work-related software.?Computers and the Internet are now used by a number of enterprises, which have brought them enormous economic benefits.

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OsMonitor is compatible with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 8!


































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