The seven deadly sins of Network management software



In recent years, with the popularity of computer and networking, computers have become essential equipment in the company. People use computers to work but also use the computer for entertainment. Mangers always want employees to work hard during working hours and not to use computer for entertainment. Thus, they choose to use network management software to manage the computers in the company. However, for employees, this is very annoying for network management software is against their entertainment. Today, let’s see the details of the seven deadly sins of NetDMZ network management software.


First, the network management software banned ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and other chatting tools. So we can no longer use ICQ, MSN chatting with friends during working hours.


Second, NetDMZ banned some websites, Facebook, twitter social networking sites, and a number of online shopping sites, so we cannot watch films and television shows online. We have to watch after work. We cannot go online shopping and cannot buy commodities together with colleagues.


Third, the network management software tool does not allow downloads. We cannot download movies, TV shows or novel. Although web speed is faster, we still hope that we can download some movies, novels, etc. This would help us kill the time.


Fourth, NetDMZ banned USB so we can no longer copy games, movies, novels to the computer and watch them during working time neither can we copy the files on the office computer away.


Fifth, local area network management software banned a lot of procedures and window titles. If you ban procedures alone, you can also rename the program and run it later but NetDMZ also banned the window title which cannot be changed easily when the procedure runs. So is the rename of the program. Employees cannot play games nor do other things except for work. The computer can only run Word Excel while other software cannot be opened.


Sixth, local area network management software can show what we are looking on the screen to our manager. When opening files, viewing Web sites, all are monitored by managers. So we can only do work-related things during working hours.


Seventh, the local area network management software can record the client's operation, record web site visited and program run and windows opened. If we visit a number of violated sites, the software will record the URL. Programs running, windows opened are also recorded as well as the command prompt and the Control Panel.


Above is the situation that we are being monitored. We call them the seven deadly sins of network management software. Now, we can only use the computer for work during working hours and computer entertainment was blocked. The procedure not related with work, if not prohibited, cannot run or running the procedure will be recorded.?We can only work seriously during working hours and cannot do other things. These are all caused by network management software. Crime and Punishment, all starts from NetDMZ.

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