The importance of deploying network management software



The application and exchange of internet have brought a wealth of information resources to the enterprises, enabling them to fully enjoy the convenience brought by Internet and greatly enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. But at the same time, the enterprises are in face of problems like increasing operation costs, low efficiency, management turmoil etc. Many employees chat, play games and watch unhealthy sites and download unauthorized etc. during working time, which affects the development of the company.


Though personnel department has repeated for many times that it is not allowed to open ICQ, trade stock during working hours every day and rules and regulations are written in black and white, it does not work. Employees are still keeping doing what they have done before. This is something to do with human nature. Some of the sites are infected by virus, resulting in the loss of important documents. Intentionally or unintentionally, employees leak the emergency files of the company. These acts will always give great impact on the daily work of company. Convenient network platform might be the main channel for employees, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to leak the company information. According to the survey, about three-quarters of large enterprises in the United States use special software to check employee e-mail to prevent the leakage of company secrets. Nobody wants to see his own painstaking project inexplicably in the hands of competitors. No one wants to see so much loss caused by the ignorance of his staff. Network management and employee network behavior has become an increasingly apparent problem in front of us. According to the U.S. FBI and the CSI survey on 484 companies:


(1) 93% of the corporate network resources are used improperly
(2) 87% of companies have been attacked by virus
(3) 49% of employees’ computers have been intruded by Trojan virus
(4) 76% of staff misused Internet
(5) 26% of the network files are recorded and copied unauthorized
(6) 24% of patent information is stolen
(7) 19% of the internal staff financial deception
(8) 11% of the data or network sabotage
(9) more than 70% of security threats come from internal networks


Through this shocking data, you may see how important the network management software is. It is necessary to develop a unified management control and effective operating network monitoring solution to monitor the Internet. Monitoring network and online activity is by no means easy. Therefore, network monitoring has become the most important task of modern company managers. The good use of network monitoring software will greatly reduce the burden of work. NetDMZ is rich in features, easy and practical.


The goal of NetDMZ is to prevent employee from leaking through the network in various ways and achieve the unified management and effective supervision on network computer and network resources. Without authorization, employees cannot send files out in various ways and they cannot use network to do other things beyond work. It will record the contents of network transactions (such as order process of foreign trade enterprises). It has a comprehensive management and control on all the sample port and equipment as well as management and control on surfing the Internet, sending and receiving e-mail, chatting online and computer games. NetDMZ has the following main functions:


1. Control all internal computer hardware and software resources to manage information resources, equipment and important documents;
2.Control the use of internal computers installation procedures to prevent employee from misusing computers;
3. Supervise the using process of employee computer, monitor screen to record legality of computer using and assess the staff work;
4. Control the process of employee Internet, manage, record and restrict on Internet behavior and processes to improve efficiency;
5. Back up important messages, pages employees viewed, the daily files modified or added (such as Word documents, program code, etc.) to management machine to preserve and protect important data;
6. limit employees’ surfing on the Internet, playing games, chatting (monitor chatting records of ICQ \ MSN \ Yahoo Messenger) and doing something that has nothing to do with work to strengthen corporate governance;
7. Monitor network traffic flow, prevent malignant download that cause network resources consumption to improve network performance;
8. Prohibit disclosure of important information within the enterprise to increase the competitiveness of enterprises and protect property rights;
9. Prohibit access and copy of flash drive, CD-ROM and files to prevent viruses and resources leakage.


Am I suitable to use network monitoring software? Network monitoring software is suitable for companies that need to supervise on network content and behavior, especially for network resource managers, business executives, private owners, executives, government departments, security agencies, research departments, police departments, prosecution services, network security personnel, import and export companies, network enthusiasts, network management, foreign organizations, schools, telecommunications, electricity, finance, etc. It is a powerful assistant for the manager to manage network resources, network behavior and web content.

(1) If you want to monitor, manage, detect, collect and control websites visited, files upload and download, emails sent and received, monitor acts like chat, games etc.;

(2) If you would like to know whether employees are adhering to company policies or using Internet properly; prevent employees from browsing, downloading and disseminating pornographic content; prohibit the staff from doing something that has nothing to do with work during working hours; prohibit employees from chatting, playing games or other behavior that would occupy the working time and network resource;

(3) If you want to avoid the leakage of important information or confidential documents, supervise the Internet reviewed, automatically back up important documents, manage and limit network behavior etc. Importantly, NetDMZ is of green version, you can use network monitoring decompression function. You may set and check on management machine. When installed and running there is no sign to trace. NetDMZ has dual hidden running process, no matter the Win98 \ Win2000, or Winxp, no one can close or delete NetDMZ, no matter through the Task Manager or any tools, without password. In age of internet, we can really do more with less! I believe NetDMZ will give you a different feeling of becoming a successful and easy manager!

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