NetDMZ, a new form of enterprise management



Local area network software in the age of the Internet is different from the traditional local area network management software which has its own distinct characteristics? This is an Internet era. Represented by the famous Facebook, Amazon and Google, Internet companies are using advanced and free internet access products, which greatly extends the real capacity of the individual consumers and creates a real money-earning free ecosystem. With the turbulent rise of online trading platforms like Alibaba and B2B e-commerce, network provides us with an excellent business platform. 


Traditional enterprise management simply cannot adapt to modern company. Company management is related to the survival and development of company, so looking for new ideas and new way to break through is an urgent event for the contemporary corporate.?Human resources and business resources are more important than the hardware resources but they are enormous challenges for the management of enterprises because of the variability and difficulty in operation. Many companies are setting up human resources department and proprietary copy management room to strengthen the management of enterprises, which increases the corporate intangible investment and management costs. The effect achieved is far from satisfactory. NetDMZ local area network management software provides you with a new business management model that will overturn traditional business management and operation in an absolutely new perspective!


How does the new business idea make the company small? It is easy to enlarge a small company to a big company but it is not easy to make the big company small. Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier Group has been thinking about this question: how to make the company small? That is how a big company can maintain the unique flexibility of a small company. For many enterprises, their former pride of the capacity and size is becoming a huge pressure in the context of economic crisis. Some employees use working time to read news, play games, chat, buy and sell stocks, watch movies, listen to music, browse porn sites, download etc., not only causing resource consumption but also influencing efficiency. The rectification campaign per week and HR’s shadow on employees are undoubtedly very embarrassing. Streamlining personnel management and deploying local area network management software to gain the greatest benefits based on the existing conditions, with minimum capital investment, is the most sensible choice for business owners.


How to centralize management is a new way for Enterprises. It pursues the effective integration of management. Copy data have backups. Business e-mails can be managed and all information is available at any time. LAN management software plays an important role. Single backup software, local area network control software, LAN screen monitoring software and LAN traffic flow monitoring software have been unable to control a large modern enterprise LAN. Managers are reminded to pay attention to the need of LAN management simply from the behavior of a pointless waste of working time and resources and the disclosure of corporate secrets through e-mails. Combine the local area network management software with the internal management mechanism to achieve a multiplier effect has become consensus of more and more managers.


NetDMZ is the breakthrough point of enterprise management. NetDMZ network management software is of pure green version, simple and powerful, specifically tailored for the modern enterprises. It has clear interface, clear features and is easy to operate. It can effectively observe, monitor and record the activities of the LAN computer behavior.?With NetDMZ, you can know what your employees are doing with the computer , including employee computer screen recorded and saved automatically, chat monitoring, mail monitoring, application monitoring and analysis of statistics, file operations records, access control and statistical report ... ... You may have an objective evaluation on every employee according to their daily work.


NetDMZ network management software is a new form of enterprise management, take control of network change today. Adding to the challenge, quality network management systems are hard to find. Most IT staff spend a significant amount of time in understanding the network infrastructure, what is changing, how the devices are configured, and who is changing what, when they should be focusing on what's really important: moving the business forward. The NetDMZ network management software automates the management of the network by offering solutions that simplify the network changes and configurations.

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OsMonitor is compatible with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 8!






















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