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We are now using your monitoring software, NetDMZ. It is a great software, we are able to block no business website, monitor activities of our users, website visited and even snap shots. Majority of our need is provided by your software. 



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Network Management Software
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The Screenshot of NetDMZ:

























































OsMonitor is compatible with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 8!

  NetDMZ Network Management Software




With the coming of internet era, companies are stepping forward to the age of electronic commerce. It is in this situation that NetDMZ Network Management Software emerges, meeting the company’s demand of a new management mode. It rolls the functions of network management and LAN monitoring, LAN speed limiting and staff monitoring into one. It is powerful local area network client monitoring, control and management system software and super corporate local area network monitoring and management software, made exactly for managers of modern enterprises. It can improve production efficiency, reduce unnecessary waste of resources and help companies create excellent corporate culture and atmosphere.










NetDMZ network management software is suitable for the environment of LAN, which is a kind of fool-style network management software. It is in the working mode of C / S, using a server to monitor all LAN clients. NetDMZ network management software is really full-featured network management software for enterprises.






Block ICQ\MSN\Yahoo Messenger\Skype Block Any Programs and Windows
Block USB storage devices Websites Filter
Block game Intelligently Logs Blocked Programs and Windows
Monitor and Log screenshot of the clients Logs AIM/ICQ/Yahoo/MSN/Skype conversation
Logs emails sent with Outlook Express Make backup all types of files
Logs Files and Documents Operation Logs Website Visits
Customize Whit List Logs Applications and Windows Run
Logs Network Card Flow Bandwidth Monitor and Control
Block add\remove\setup programs Block RealOne \ Media Player\Flash show


Functional advantages of NetDMZ Network Management Software:




1. One computer monitors the entire network:
NetDMZ network management software is client / server mode. One computer monitors all other computers. Monitoring data and system settings are all stored in the management computers. Any machine can be NetDMZ software management machine without any requirement on the network structure and network equipment, providing remote installation, installation of the computer, Windows domain user distribution and other quick means of client installation. Compared with the no need to install client monitoring software in the market, it is more stable and the requirement on gateway equipment is lower. It is the only full-green version that can be unzipped directly. There is no need to setup. It is simple, transparent and safe.


2. Personalization management on each computer:
NetDMZ network management software can be personalized for different departments to set different groups and flexibly set at a specified period of work. All set by the administrators on the server. All staff computers are set automatically without any need to set computer by computer, facilitating the management and monitoring; different employees can set different permissions. Different departments have different software programs. Sales staff may focus on the processing of contract documents and quotations as well as sending and receiving emails; personnel department may focus on Excel document; software development department might need a backup plan of design documents, using the VC, VB, Delphi, ASP, HTML program. Bandwidth control can be personalized for each computer according to the needs of staff to set up network traffic and rationally manage network resources.


3. Full limitation function:
Restrict all chatting tools running. Block chatting, block MSN, block games, block Internet Games, block special programs, block special software, and block all software you don't want to run. Different employees have different rights. Forbid all online chatting programs like ICQ, MSN, all games like ICQ game and all unallowed software. It can recognize and forbid the games and the software automatically and intelligently. Employees enjoy their authority level on their Online and PC activities.
Customize white list. You can customize employees' computer to only run software related with work, for example, you can customize their computers to only run Word, Excel, in that case, other software are not allowed to run. (recognize the condition code instead of the application filename.)
Forbid downloading and all P2P software which takes up the bandwidth.
Block USB devices. Block flash memory disk, block CD driver, block USB port to avoid information leak and security threat.
Monitor and restrict accessing the Internet. It can nominate the users, the computers and times for accessing the Internet, and only permit the visit of specific Websites. NetDMZ also can help you to block porn websites and stock websites.
Forbid illegal installation of programs and software like games. Forbid the entrance of safe mode, and any modification on control panel.
Forbid accessing movie and music entertainment online.
Forbid changing IP address illegally and support the binding of MAC address and IP address. It also forbids the illegal disconnection of Lan, which will result automatic turning off.
All of the functions are controlled by the server administrator without any difficulty.


4. Real-time online network management:
See and record all of the widows your employees open, the programs they run, and the websites they visit. With the records are saved in the server’s database automatically for your later review, the employees' working status is easy to be checked.
Document tracking feature allows you to record the files the employees copied to removable media such as USB storage devices, CD, DVD, flash disk, etc. , which are pasted and deleted. You can even record when the removable media was removed from the computer. All of the records can be saved in server’s database for later review.
Monitor and record network card flow of every employees' computer in real time. All the data are saved for your later reviewing.
Application installation monitoring function allows you to view the software your employees installed in their computer on NetDMZ Server at any time.
Monitor process. You can view what software is running on your employees' computer on Server at any time and you can end process you want to end.
Backup files. Backup automatically all increased and modified work files (word document, program code, etc.) on Server from your employees' computer.
System information monitoring allows you to check the client computers’ hardware information and the hard disk storage usage.


Performance advantages of NetDMZ Network Management Software:


1. Outstanding professional architecture design and modular design ensures high availability and compatibility of NetDMZ.
Any computer can be used as management machine with no requirements on computer hardware. There is no such requirement on LAN Structure, switches, routers, model either. It is net software structure without adding any hardware device. Staff computers throughout the world can be monitored as long as they have online functions, whether through the Internet or direct dial-up router. If only through the company LAN monitoring, the client does not need to get access to the Internet.


Each feature of NetDMZ is exactly the daily required business management of the company. When designing the software, we have done a full depth of the corporate management research and taken full consideration of the company managers. All this makes NetDMZ full-featured network management software.


2. Windows kernel programming technology based ensures high stability and safety of NetDMZ.
NetDMZ software uses the windows kernel programming technology to monitor and control, using high-intensity WYWinStu090 encrypted communications protocol based on TCP / IP protocol with web IPR.Foreign-based free open source "winpcap" Ethereal (that is groups of foreign programmers work for free, they open all the source code), after slightly modified would be used for sale as products. Winpcap, known in the industry will leave a lot of problems. If not installed in the gateway, it cannot catch codes. It either acts like HUB or ARP virus posing as gateway with only one purpose: get all machine communications package. This would easily lead to deadlock and collapse of the entire network.


3. Intelligent recognition of executable file and comprehensive core optimization ensure high performance and efficiency of NetDMZ.
Whether prohibiting game or banning URL, NetDMZ can automatically add the trust game and the specified URL, further illustrating human oriented design of the software. NetDMZ software can flexibly set up a limited set of functional tasks (super white list), only running the employee work-related software, such as Office Word Excel. Other software cannot be opened. Not recognized based on the file name but recognized based on the file signature so the attempt to muddle through by renaming the executable file does not work.)

Installation of NetDMZ will not affect your local area network activity and traffic. NetDMZ packet size is so small that it can be ignored. Also it has fully optimizes a full range of windows platforms kernel.


4. Easy to use, powerful, practical and effective
The easy installation, maintainability and easy usage of NetDMZ are throughout the entire design process, making highly specialized network management software become easy to use, efficient enterprise management software. Based on the analysis on thousands of business needs and full consideration to all the management needs of the Internet, this system can finally achieve accurate positioning and targeted, with multi-link management of precautions, interim monitoring and later follow-up. Moreover, it has also built-in powerful control and query statistics functions. It can meet all the needs of business management of the Internet and help the company solve all the problems when using the Internet. Its powerful functions can almost meet all the Internet management needs of any enterprise.



Through our network management software, these problems can be quickly resolved. You can know each employee's behavior anytime, anywhere in the office so as to help decision-makers act quickly and make adjustments to improve efficiency of staff. This would reduce the working time of the job requiring two days to 1 day, greatly improving the efficiency of enterprises and reduce costs. So why not try it?
























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