What should the network management software manage



What are Enterprises worrying about?
Basic requirements of good LAN management software are: see and control. As a business manager, what he concerns is whether the network resources are occupied, whether the virus spread within the LAN, whether the staff are using working hours to play games, chat, trade stocks but his biggest concern is whether the company's confidential information, customer information are leaked ...


What do Enterprises care?
As a business manager, besides business development, he might concern about what his employees are doing, what sites they have visited, which e-mail is sent out, who chat during working hours, what the content is, how many?hours they spend every day on downloading music, when they delete important files, when they insert the flash drive and what document they copy ...


After years of exploration on the senior management of companies, NetDMZ has been updated and improved step by step. It is no longer single monitoring software but perfect local area network management software. NetDMZ achieves the local area network management and monitoring mainly through the following aspects.


1. Regulate employee online behavior (e.g., prohibits staff chatting / playing games during working hours), improving the efficiency of the Internet.


According to IDC's statistics, about 30% to 40% of employees’ online activities are not work-related (such as chatting, playing games, shopping, etc.). Broadband access allows businesses connected to the Internet for 24 hours, which creates leisure facilities for employees and inevitably leads to low productivity. By using NetDMZ, the work-not-related Internet behavior it reduced to a minimum, standardizing employee network behavior and making them focuses on the work.
NetDMZ regulate, restrict employees’ daily online activities.


2. LAN is secure, which can protect internal data security and prevent leakage of confidential information.


Today there are all kinds of information exchange tools like e-mail, chat tools, online forums, etc. Employees can easily spread out the Internet business critical information by using internet while the leakage of critical information on business, technology would cause irreparable loss to the company. NetDMZ prohibits USB and records what files employees copy to USB, what files are deleted and when they insert or unplug the flash drive. All the records are automatically sent to the server database.


Administrators can check on the management machine. The software can record Online ICQ, MSN and Yahoo Messenger; mail monitoring records all emails sent by FoxMail and Outlook Express to the server. You can immediately see the contents of the messages, including the Annex (NetDMZ, the only network management software to support SSL encryption mail monitoring and backup); real-time capture, save staff desktop screen pictures to provide evidence for the subsequent audit. It can prohibit Web’s sending messages, prohibit specific browsers and prohibit visiting the designated website so as to prevent information leakage and protect the security of local area network data.


3. LAN flow control and local area network bandwidth management enhance the bandwidth utilization

NetDMZ can disable download, ban BT and ban all P2P software that has occupied the enterprises bandwidth.
NetDMZ can enable you to see the network traffic flow of each computer (upstream flow / downstream flow);
NetDMZ can gather statistics of Internet traffic on each machine at a particular time; limit download or upload speed of some or all the computers;
NetDMZ can limit Internet traffic flow of each machine; can send a warning message automatically, when flow exceeded, the internet will break or shut down. Restrict a user's bandwidth to achieve bandwidth allocation.


4. Monitor and record employees’ network behavior

• Monitor and record all windows your employees open, programs they are running, URLs they visit .You know your employee's work state as well as your fingers. All the records can be saved on Server database for your later reviewing at anytime.
• Monitor and record users copying, pasting, deleting files and plugging and pulling out flash memory disk. All the records can be saved on Server database for your later reviewing at anytime.
• Monitor and record network card flow of every employee's computer in real time. All the data are saved for your later reviewing.
• Screenshot capture. You can view employee's screen (motive picture) on Server at any time.
• Monitor application installation. You can view what software are installed on your employee's computer on Server at any time.
• Monitor process. You can view what software are running on your employee's computer on Server at any time and you can end process you want to end.
• Monitor chatting conversation. Monitor and record all ICQ conversation, MSN conversation and Yahoo Messenger conversation. All the records can be saved on Server database for your later reviewing at anytime.
•Backup files. Backup automatically all increased and modified work files (word document, program code, etc. ) on Server from your employee's computer.
• Monitor outgoing emails. Monitor and record all outgoing emails (and attachment) sent through Fox mail and Outlook Express.
• Monitor system information. You can view information of hardware and usage of hard disk on your employee's computer at any time.


5. Enhance safety performance of the company

Employees use the Company provided Internet connection to access pornography, anti-government, cults and other undesirable websites and publish statements or engage in other illegal activities. These internet-related activities are most likely to cause the risk of legal proceedings and other administrative sanctions to the company. Besides, it may also increase the possibility of Trojan virus. NetDMZ can ban these websites and help the company get rid of these potential problems. NetDMZ prohibits getting on the internet, restricts and controls internet access. Internet access restriction feature can restrict which computers can access and restrict access only at a specified period of time. It prevents a certain part of employees from surfing on the Internet, prohibits visiting some sites and prohibits internet access at a specified period of time. It stops employees from visiting pornography sites and only allows access to designated sites or it will shield certain sites.

In summary, the traditional gateway-based local area network management software can no longer meet the requirements of the Internet age. Excellent network management software has been given more responsibilities of local area network management and business management. As the universal application of the computer is not only for scientific calculation, the deployment of local area network management software is not just for the LAN, NetDMZ brings new business management ideas and solutions to the enterprises.

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