NetDMZ software reduce the pressure of network management




With the popularity of the Internet, modern enterprises have set up local area network platform to improve staff efficiency. There are always contradictions between employers and employees. Managers expect the best working state of their employees during working hours so as to create more value to the enterprise, but actually there are hardly any employees that can reach this expectation. Employees are always doing something that has nothing to do with work, which worries the manager. Many large enterprises have set up information centers while network administrators have become the chess in the Internet management game between the boss and employees.


Network information is bombing human brain every day. The pop-up ads and dynamic picture of information every day stimulate our nerves. Some employees could not help trying to open the crux of some entertainment Web site. Just ask yourself have you been absent during working time? Who will not play ICQ do some other things? It is so normal for employees to be absent during working time. While someone who has been making report is often regarded as being serious. The office is often surrounded with the atmosphere of pandemonium.


The main task of Network management, by definition, is to manage the network security. An excellent enterprise network manager is not the one in the Internet cafe’ that repairs computers. How to ensure the confidentiality of corporate business, ensure smooth local area network and ensur that nobody chat on ICQ or trade stocks has become the primary problem for network administrators. Now all business owners have paid great attention to corporate information security and effective use of human resources. The pressure of Information management department is increasing.


Network administrators are as busy as bees everyday but they are not well-received by employees. They are just like sandwiches between the boss and employees. They have searched thoroughly in Baidu and Google for the network management software but cannot find the suitable one. Why is it so difficult?


Here comes the good news for network administrators. “With NetDMZ, all your troubles will be solved pretty soon and network management will become easier and more effective. Business owners may have their new choices again."-Bellman said. NetDMZ has won Editor's Recommendation Award of PC Magazine. After ten years of ups and downs and with a group of senior network engineer painstaking research, NetDMZ has been perfected and is more mature. Now it can proudly promise the world: I am a network administrator, safeguarding network security in my hand!


Wide coverage of information and fast dissemination speed has greatly reduced the response time of business crisis. Information management becomes difficult, so to choose a set of real network management software will achieve more with less. After the installation of software, the company would announce disciplines and tell employees to pay attention to their own behavior during working time in case they might violate it.


Security of NetDMZ is very high with a number of first-class protection technology and no sign to trace when the program is installed and running. No matter Windows 98 or 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, no one can close or delete NetDMZ no matter through the Task Manager or any tools, without password. Limitation function of NetDMZ on the user is always effective. As for the employees’using "High IQ" means to end NetDMZ client, the server will automatically detect and record it to the database.


So there is no need to worry. They can rely on something else to act as a tool and not necessarily to make themselves depressed. With the installation of network management software, the boss even values you more and staff will respect you, so why not easy control on network management, all starts from the NetDMZ!

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NetDMZ software reduce the pressure of network management


OsMonitor is compatible with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 8!

















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